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Corporate Events & Portraiture

Confidentiality Guaranteed

Over 24 years of professional photography I have covered countless corporate events

and conferences and shot thousands of portraits.

I have worked for agencies and magazines worldwide and for clients such as Bulgari, BMW, Honda, Hitachi, The Guardian, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, The Times and as an Official Royal Photographer for Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

There are many very good headshot photographers today using lights and backdrops etc.
I am not a headshot photographer, I am a portrait photographer:- my aim is for your images to connect with the viewer to show you at work, somewhere with context, in a outdoor setting or wherever you wish but not simply a detached mugshot.
In a nutshell I take natural looking, relevant portraits that put the viewer with you in context.


Our ever increasing reliance on digital media often means that the first impressions a client will form are from a single image and that image needs to connect effortlessly with them. A studio lit, over-edited headshot, that really doesn't look that much like you simply won't work.


Careful post-production with subtle editing are the finishing touches to well taken shots.

A very few examples from non-confidential shoots

 Images carefully edited with full post production.

 Images will be presented on your exclusive, password secured on-line gallery for you to download.

 Images will be both very high resolution for printing and lower resolution ready for web use.

 I will personally shoot and edit all images - I do not use other photographers or outsource post  production.


 Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed.

                       Please contact me directly to discuss your exact requirements


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