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Your Fine Art Film Option

Why choose Film ?


So, you are organising every detail of your unique day and it is essential that the beauty and emotion of the day are captured forever by your chosen photographer.

There are many different styles of photography for you to choose from but what about digital vs film?

Digital is a much less expensive option and allows for literally thousands of shots to be taken and is great for documenting certain stages of your day.

But there is a reason that we still, today love the works of Slim Aarons, Helmut Newton, David Bailey, Patrick Demarchelier and the countless photographers who still shoot high end fashion, landscape, and fine art on film.


For key stages of the day, for couples portraits and special moments film looks like nothing else. It makes images that create art for framing and turns an album into a beautifully artistic coffee table book.

Film has a unique handling of light. Images are sharp, of course, but the light is soft and wraps around the subject.

Having professionally shot both film and digital over 24 years for magazines and agencies I often suggest shooting on both with digital for fast moving stages of the day (mainly evening party) where it excels, 35mm film for the flow of the day and medium format film for all the carefully observed moments, portraits, groups and couples shots.



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