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Corporate Website, Brochure & Media shoots

Because corporate shoot costs are high due to the required expertise and time taken in careful post production we need to utilise the shoot time very efficiently to produce a compelling and captivating portfolio of images.

I very strongly believe that website , brochure and media images should not be over produced and over-post produced. They should be expertly composed and subtley finished in post-production but I think it is vital they look real.

Let me explain;-

We live in a world of Ai and cgi produced images and no matter how good these are the viewer knows they are artificial and hence without substance. It is important therefore that the images that represent you and your organisation have real world gravitas, confidence, and approachability - just the characteristics you would project in any face to face meeting.

I have shot people, buildings, machinery and automotive subjects over the last 25 years and I can bring both technical expertise and artistic experience to your image portfolio.

I started at The Guardian in 1999 and have shot images for magazines around the World and worked at the highest level of motorsport photography. I was even an official Royal Photographer at one point.

The images below (almost all of my catalogue of images are retained by agencies for whom I worked) may not be relevant to your particular area of commerce but they serve as examples of style and accuracy of image capture.

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